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Joey Ann Miller is the owner and operator of Three in One Wellness. After a series of concussions and a long-time struggle with migraines, CranioSacral therapy (CST) provided her with the healing she needed. It changed her life so much she decided to take CST classes from the Upledger Institute, and she started Three in One Wellness in 2017. Joey enjoys working with adults and children in all stages of wellness. She has particular experience working with clients diagnosed with concussions, migraines, PTSD, and gastrointestinal disorders. She also has specialized training and experience working with infants, children, and pregnancy. 


  • BSN in Nursing, University of Maryland 

  • CrainoSacral Therapy 1 and 2, Upledger Institute

  • SomatoEmotional Release 1 and 2, Upledger Institute

  • Pediatric CST 1, Upledger Institute

  • Listening to the Second Brain - The Enteric Nervous System, Upledger Institute 

  • CST Therapy and the Immune Response, Upledger Institute

  • CST Touching the Brain 1 and 2, Upledger Institute

  • CST Application for Pregnancy, Conception, and Birthing, Upledger Institute 

  • CST for Cranial Nerves, Upledger Institute

  • Beyond the Cranial Base, Upledger Institute

  • The Brain Speak 1, Upledger Institute

  • Level 1 Pranic Healing Class, Liza Burney

License and Certificates: 

  • CST- T, Technique Certified CranioSacral Therapist 

  • RN License #60420740

  • Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health

Nursing Experience:

  • 4 years, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

  • 4 years, Endoscopy Nursing

My Upledger profile website is  If you search for me independently on the Upledger website, my profile will be listed under the name Stephanie Miller, my legal name. 

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